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Homeowners Insurance

Your home is one of your most valuable assets, both as an investment and as your sanctuary in a hectic world. When your home is damaged or destroyed, you need your claim settled by an insurance company that understands this simple fact. Coverage availability and prices may vary by company. We can help you determine which of several companies we represent will best meet your needs and provide the most valuable combination of tailored coverage, quality service and fair pricing. Depending on the company you choose, you can get discounts for: · Having a burglar alarm · Having a newer home · Being claim free in the past · Insuring your vehicles with the same company Other advantage you could enjoy include: · Repair Guarantees · 24-Hour Claims Hotline · Flexible billing - including coordinating with your mortgage company · Living expenses if your home becomes uninhabitable due to a claim Applicants with Credit or Loss Problems "I'll never be able to get insurance with this loss on my record." Just because it may seem impossible doesn't mean that it's true. We help many people get insurance, despite it feeling impossible to them. Just because your life isn't perfect, doesn't mean you shouldn't have coverage. Flood Insurance Chances are, if you live in a flood plain, you should, and may even be required, to have Flood insurance as part of your Homeowners policy. As part of the National Flood Insurance Program, you are able to purchase protection, against flood damages, in most areas. Identity Shield In the unfortunate event that your good name falls into bad hands, having Farmers Identity Shield offers a solution to what may become a high-priority problem. Contact me to find out more about this attractive industry-leading coverage. Landlords If you own single or multiple properties that you rent out, you may have special insurance needs. That's why we provide Landlord insurance. It is specially tailored to meet the unique needs of property owners. Mobile and Manufactured Homes So your home isn't a traditional "stick built" on a foundation. That doesn't mean that you don't need Homeowners insurance. We insure a variety of home types. From mobile to manufactured, to multi-sectional to modular, and more, we can make sure that your home is protected. Motor Homes It's time to get out on the open road. And, now more than ever, you may be likely to choose a home on four wheels rather than on a permanent foundation. It's important to make sure that you and your home have the right protection no matter where you are. Personal Liability Coverage Are you protected if someone is injured on your property or if you damage another's property? Personal Liability protection makes sure that you are covered against the things that you can be held liable for. Personal Property Coverage Are your wedding bands or other valuables covered? What about your home entertainment system? Personal Property Coverage can make sure that these items and your personal belongings are protected. Personal Umbrella Liability Coverage An umbrella, exactly what it says, shelters us from a great deal of losses. Given today's litigious society, we could stand to lose a lot if we end up in a lawsuit. A Personal Umbrella Policy serves to shelter you from losses or loopholes in coverage. Renters Just because you don't own the property you live in, doesn't mean that your valuables shouldn't be insured. Did you know that your personal property isn't covered under your landlord's insurance policy? Renters insurance helps to make sure your prized possessions are covered when you're renting your home. Specialty Homeowners We provide a variety of Homeowner Coverage options for providing protection for the following types of specialty properties: older and lower value homes, landlord properties, homes with minor cosmetic problems, homes with market value below replacement cost, and more. Travel Trailers Taking your home on the road? Whether you have a fifth- wheel, travel trailer, pop-up or truck-mounted camper, we have coverage to make sure that your home away from home is protected. Please note: Flood is not a standard coverage on the Homeowner's policy. It is a policy that can be purchased separately for an additional premium. Earthquake is also not a standard coverage on the Homeowner's policy, but it can be purchased for an additional premium and included on the Homeowner's policy.