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Middleton Insurance Services Insurance Group, LLC specializes in providing commercial and business insurance to the business community. As a business owner, you understand the need to maximize your benefits while protecting the bottom line. As a locally owned and operated business, we understand and share your goal. Our agents work with you to identify areas of your business that need special protection and ensure you have solutions. As no one product answers all the needs of your customers, no one insurance company answers all of yours.  We work with a variety of the finest business insurance companies to find the coverage's you need at the best available cost. We encourage reviewing your business to identify any changes that may be required. As you grow and prosper, your insurance needs to grow with you to continue to provide the protection you need. Business Insurance Business Auto When you own a business, you have a unique set of operation and protection requirements all your own. Especially for business owners that own and operate vehicles, Business Auto insurance provides coverage for your unique needs.   General Liability A customer was injured while visiting your business and now you're stuck with a pretty expensive medical bill. General Liability covers contractual, personal and advertising injury, as well as liability protection. Property You arrive to work early one morning, only to realize that your business property was vandalized during the night. Fortunately, you had customized Property insurance to cover such a loss. Your business is up and running again, and you hardly missed a beat. Small Business Workers' Compensation Insurance Losses from injuries that happen on the job, regardless of who's at fault, can cost employers a great deal of time and money. Worker's Compensation for small businesses offers unique coverage for just such losses.   Crime You never expected it to happen to your business. Your employees seemed honest, but now you're fighting a lawsuit because someone used a client's credit card information. Crime coverage helps protect your business from acts of dishonesty.   Business-Life Insurance What happens to your business if something happens to you? Make sure that your dream and your business live on by considering the options that a Business-Life Insurance policy can offer.   Partnership Life Insurance If you are in a partnership, you hope that it continues for as long as you own your business.  However, should something happen to one of the partners, it's important to have coverage to survive this loss. Partnership Life insurance can offer you the protection you need.   Surety Bond Program A Surety Bond Program creates a contract for the fulfillment of an obligation. It gives some businesses an opportunity to grow in a way in which they couldn't have without the program.